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We believe that quality sleep should consist of absolute comfort and full relaxation. From innovating extraordinary products with deep research into the effects of sleep on the body and the different sleep struggles people face, to sharing relaxation practice advice and spreading the eco-friendly motto, we're dedicated to natural, healthy, and functional sleep solutions. Because everybody who is experiencing sleep-related discomfort deserves to be well-rested. 

Message from our Founder

I once slept soundly through the night, until one day I began to wake up feeling uncomfortable and ill at ease. I couldn't pinpoint the cause of my discomfort - I simply felt dizzy and stiff, my neck and back throbbing with pain. A visit to the doctor revealed that my cervical curve had flattened, and I was advised to exercise and stretch to alleviate the condition. But I found it difficult to maintain a consistent routine, and my condition persisted. Each morning was a struggle, and my sleep quality deteriorated rapidly. I became irritable and anxious, and my days were filled with negativity and stress.

It was during a trip to Thailand that I chanced upon a latex pillow that transformed my sleep experience. From the first night of use, I felt like a new person. My neck was cradled gently, and my body relaxed into a deep, restful sleep. I realized then that the right pillow could make all the difference in the world - not just to me, but to anyone who struggled with sleep-related discomfort.

I knew that I had to bring this life-changing product back to my home in the UK. But as I began to explore the market, I discovered that the needs of Western sleepers were different from those of my Asian counterparts. So, I sought the help of experts in ergonomics, biomechanics, and design. Together, we created Talatex - a brand dedicated to natural, healthy, and functional sleep solutions.

Now, I sleep soundly through the night once again, and I know that many others can too, thanks to Talatex.

Talatex has delved deep into the effects of sleep on the body and uncovered the common sleep struggles that many people face, including back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. But fear not, because we're determined to tackle these issues head-on and provide our customers with a sleep experience that's nothing short of pure comfort and relaxation!



Sleep Consultation

If you have any sleep questions, please feel free to connect us. Our Sleep Posture Experts will discuss how to optimise your sleep, positioning and posture and discover which height of Talatex® Pillow/Mattress Topper is right for you.

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