About the deviation of the weight of the Talatex Latex Pillow

About the deviation of the weight of the Talatex Latex Pillow

Due to the inherent qualities of natural materials, slight variances in the weight of the pillows can occur. Rest assured, these variations fall within a normal range and do not affect the overall quality and performance of the product.

Personal comfort is paramount, and pillow firmness is a significant aspect of that. Our pillows are designed to provide a balanced level of support and comfort, aiming to cater to a wide range of sleep preferences. Below is a detailed chart of the weights and their acceptable ranges for our different types of pillows:

Talalay Process:

  • Standard
    • Soft: 0.95 kg (0.9025-0.9975 kg)
    • Medium Soft: 1.1 kg (1.045-1.155 kg)
    • Firm: 1.3 kg (1.235-1.365 kg)
  • Queen
    • Soft: 1.15 kg (1.0925-1.2075 kg)
    • Medium Soft: 1.3 kg (1.235-1.365 kg)
    • Firm: 1.45 kg (1.3775-1.5225 kg)
  • King
    • Soft: 1.3 kg (1.235-1.365 kg)
    • Medium Soft: 1.55 kg (1.4725-1.6275 kg)
    • Firm: 1.75 kg (1.6625-1.8375 kg)

Dunlop Process:

  • Standard
    • Medium Firm: 1.15 kg (1.0925-1.2075 kg)
    • Extra Firm: 1.35 kg (1.2825-1.4175 kg)
  • Queen
    • Medium Firm: 1.45 kg (1.3775-1.5225 kg)
    • Extra Firm: 1.6 kg (1.52-1.68 kg)


  • Standard: 1 kg + 0.2 kg (1.14-1.26 kg)
  • Queen: 1.6 kg + 0.2 kg (1.71-1.89 kg)

Hope this information helps in understanding the natural variances in the pillows. 

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