Latex Product Smell – Does It Ever Go Away?(Reducing Odours)

Latex Product Smell – Does It Ever Go Away?(Reducing Odours)

New Latex Product Smell

If you’ve just bought a latex pillow or topper, then it is likely that there might be a slight smell when you first receive them. It’s important to note that this smell will dissipate over time as the pillow or topper gets used, but if you’re about to move into a new place or are sensitive to smells, it might be best just get rid of the odour from the start! Luckily, there are a few easy ways to eliminate this new mattress smell!

As a general rule, latex product typically have a mild smell of natural latex, usually likened to vanilla. Latex mattresses do not have the same chemical smell as poly-foam and memory foams.


How Long Does It Take for the Odour To Go Away?

As a general rule, it can take 1 to 2 months for the new smell of natural latex topper to go away and 3 to 5 days for the new smell of natural latex pillow to go away. This is because they are made with natural ingredients that take time to neutralize any odours from manufacturing and shipping. This process can be sped up by allowing the product to breathe.


What Causes A Natural Latex product to Smell?

Latex products are plant-based and are made using the sap of a tree. Like many natural products, they have a slight aroma which is pleasant to some and not so much for others. The smell of natural latex is often described as vanilla; this makes sense as many trees and plants have this smell.

Part of the smell of a latex product comes from how it is produced. First, natural latex sap is whipped into a froth and poured into a product mould. The foam is baked in an oven, turning it into latex foam. This process involves vulcanization, which cooks some of the proteins in the sap and produces a mild smell.

This process is also said to denature the proteins. This is often why there has never been a reported case of a natural latex product causing an allergic reaction.

The smell produced by vulcanization goes away with time.


Reducing the Smell of a Natural Latex Product

There are several ways to reduce the smell of your natural latex product. However, reducing the odours from latex foam must be done carefully to ensure you do not damage the product.


Allow the Natural Latex Product To Breathe

The safest way to reduce the aroma of a natural latex mattress is to allow it time to breathe. Airing out a new product naturally and safely reduces any smell associated with the product without using harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances.

You can speed up the time the product take to air out by removing sheets or duvets from the product and opening the windows when you are not during the day when you are not using them.

However, make sure that no sunlight reaches the exposed latex foam. While natural latex is highly durable and frequently lasts over fifteen years with proper care, prolonged exposure to sunlight will deteriorate the product.


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